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What Every Dog Should Know


Humans are dominant by virtue of species. We don't have to apply silly manmade rules and rituals to prove that we are alpha. 

But that doesn't mean we shouldn't teach our dogs the things they have to know to exist successfully in our midst. We just do it without inflicting pain or threats. We also don't have to control everything our dog needs and wants, for the matter.

Cues (in the balanced dog trainer's world called commands) should be like a roadmap for a dog. Information when he is confused or conflicted, but also a direct instruction when our interests diverge for the moment. Like: My dog wants to chase the bunny and I don't want him to--a well-rehearsed 'leave' means I get it my way. 


Different things are important for different people, so what you teach is really up to you, but there are a number of behaviors I believe are essential. 

They are:

Name recognition 

Leave and wait (stay) 

This way

Releasing what's in the mouth. 

You may be surprised that sit and heel is not on my list. Ask me why!

And although coming when called is important, it's not the first behavior I teach. You can ask me why with that, too! 

My clients get all that info and more, For example why, depending on the dog, teaching her to nose-target the hand and backing up on cue, is super helpful. 

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