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Hi Silvia,

Its been a week and we are sooooo happy with progress with jess and Lucas. Its amazing how only a week ago we were worried we would have to give him up. Last night Luke actually jumped on jess for a cuddle and a fuss and went to sleep. I can't thank you enough for what you have done. It would have broken my heart to give him away and now its just such a happy home once again. That is all because of you. We are working on the other things you gave us but this past week we wanted to concentrate on Jess/Luc and the improvement are overwhelming. You my dear are something special. Thanks again and of course we will keep you posted.


John, Barb, Steph, Jess and Lucas!!

"Silvia Jay is truly exceptional in every sense of the word. The title “Dog Behaviour Expert” does not fully encompass how much this one woman lives & breathes dogs. Despite being exceedingly educated & experienced in the dog world, she keeps things simple. But, don’t let that fool you. She knows the research. She knows the theories. She knows the techniques. However, rather than robotically repeating this information back, she confidently provides a specific plan for you & your dog(s) in a meaningful way. No judgement, no negativity –just a genuine interest in helping. I cannot say enough good things about Silvia, & how much she has inspired me to be a better dog owner. Her refreshingly honest attitude and devotion to dogs is especially evident in her book “Dump Dog”. Silvia Jay was worth every penny, & simply cannot be compared to other dog trainers –she’s that good. "

Vanessa Roop

Hi Silvia,

I wanted to say thanks again for coming to our home last weekend to help with Molly. We have been walking in our neighbourhood since our session without the halti but instead with the leash clipped to the front of the harness like you suggested, and it is working GREAT! It seems like she is enjoying our walks more and is more free to sniff, and there is almost no pulling which makes me more relaxed as well. Brian agrees that she walks much better this way too. We have been working on the "leave" command and incorporating more games/play in her daily routine, using her Kong more, hiding treats in the snow to find and digging holes in the snow which she loves. We are planning an outing to our local park today to work in the vicinity of other dogs/people.

Thanks for all the info you sent, I have been through it a few times already and refer to it often.


I want to thank you for visiting us and for your assessment of Miss Taffy. I can't tell you how relieved I am to have an assessment that I feel is accurate and fair. I have tried several other trainers in the past, but their assessments and recommendations seemed to fall short and did not feel right in my gut, so I was hesitant to fully implement them. However, the information you have provided feels very comfortable, sound, kind, manageable and relevant to Taffy's needs.

Marjorie MacKay - Halifax

Using Silvia as a consultant for our dog “Trixie” was one of the best decisions we have ever made. Within the first hour she was able to assess and give us insight on Trixie’s behaviour. She then was able to guide us in the right direction with gentle training. After several months our insecure dog has come a long way thanks to Silvia. A large part of it comes from her love of dogs and from her extensive experience.

Trixie is a rescue dog with issues that very quickly became part of our family. With Silvia in our lives helping we now know that Trixie will continue to be a large part of our family. Thanks Silvia for all your help and knowledge.

Ann, Craig, Megan, Christopher, Tabitha the cat and Trixie Rice

Calgary AB

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